IF3P S.R.L. was founded in Milan in 1986. In 1998 takes over BATH LINE to continue the tradition and image of a well known brand of bathroom accessories and furniture producer. Currently, it produces and commercializes over 2500 items.

Young and dynamic, the company is characterized by a perfectly balanced corporate dimension between a deliberately handcrafted production method to ensure operational flexibility and construction accuracy and a modern industrial organizational structure, using the latest technology. In the new and old BATH LINE production is probably too daring to speak of art, but to underline the class of a typical “made in Italy” style product design represents for the managers of the company a commitment not to be betrayed under any circumstances. The harmony that arises from the coordination of lines and colors of the collections, expresses a perfect fusion between form and material, between elegance and functionality, between image and rationality. Thanks to the contribution of a careful and prepared sales network, the “BATH LINE” brand enjoys notoriety and prestige, being present in over 800 of the most interesting Italian and foreign show rooms. IF3P S.R.L. is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom furniture, with an extraordinary capacity for innovation that combines the quality of materials and elegance of design, offering a product that is always up to date and even able to anticipate fashions and tastes.


Angelotti & Cardile

Alessandro Angelotti born in 1949. He graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1974. On his own, he works in Industrial design, collaborating in particular with companies operating in the field of electronics and telematics. Letterio Gianni Cardile Born in 1947. He graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1971. As a freelancer he works in the building industry and since 1984, he has also been involved in the industrial design of furniture and home accessories, especially lighting and upholstered furniture. His previous individual experiences merged in 1989 when the two professionals joined forces. The studio continues its activity in the field of building architecture while maintaining its passion for industrial design. Together they collaborate with leading companies in the field of office furniture, home furnishings, home furnishings, faucets and bathroom furnishings.

Giulio Iacchetti

He was born in 1966.
 After the technical maturity he attended a specialization course in industrial design and in 1995 he attended the Futurarium Summer Workshop.
In 1992 he began working independently as a designer, collaborating with leading companies in the most diverse product sectors. His innate brilliance and inventiveness led him to participate and present projects at national and international exhibitions and competitions, collecting several entries and winning two as best project. He has collaborated as a tutor in various initiatives organized by bodies and institutes dealing with industrial design. Among his activities to be reported his current teaching at the European Institute of Design.

Walter Prezzavento

He was born in 1966. Starts his own activity Starts his own professional activity in 1984 at the company itself, dealing with the design and realization of new product lines. Several successful collections of Bath Line production have in fact been signed by his pencil. From the very beginning he pushed the company to produce and promote on the market a product with a precise personality, based on a sober but highly identifying design. Later he was involved in graphic design, marketing, production and logistics. Currently he works as a freelancer, while continuing his collaboration with the company as a freelancer.
Luca Prezzavento

Luca Prezzavento

He was born in 1974. He started his professional activity in 1994 at the technical studio of the company, dealing with the research of new materials and the design and realization of new product lines. From his suggestions and research was born the entire collection I-GLOU, the line of bathroom accessories for gluing. He designed and realized for Bathline the collections: Mizar, Exim, Venus, Tecna, Melody, Bimini, Cipango and all the equipped washbasins. He currently manages the technical studio Bathline. He is also responsible for the research of new materials and the development of new products.
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