Duo Accessories

DUO Collection was created to offer in one single solution two options: the traditional wall plugs fitting or glue wall fixing with the use of our special I-GLUE® kit, to avoid drilling holes on walls and damaging definitively the bathroom surfaces where the accessories are fitted to.
DUO accessories, thanks to the special single-component I-GLUE® adopted, can be fixed to ceramic surfaces, glass, mosaic, marble, metal and smooth unpainted wood as well as the majority of plastic including polycarbonates and methacrylates.
One of the best advantage of DUO accessories, is that anyone can easily fit them without any need of an expert.
Each DUO item comes with installation screws kit and, optionally, you can request to add the installation I-GLUE® kit with fitting instructions.
Our Installation single-component glue kit guarantee a strong fixing as well as a normal screws fixing (25 kg. each support).
With the big difference that the accessories can be removed, even after many years, without ruining the surface or leaving unsightly holes in the wall.
DUO Collection offers a complete range of elegantly designed accessories, suitable for classic or modern bathrooms.

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