Strength and style united in a shower tray; EVOLUTION adapts to your needs.


Stable and silent



Non-slip Class 2/3

UV Resistance

Practicable siphon

5,5 cm Thickness

Repairs Supported


Traditional Acrylic Tray

EVOLUTION Acrilic Tray

Reinforced with resin and fiberglass

No more creaking or deformation due to weight in acrylic plates!

Beyond the elegant and timeless shapes of the Acrylic shower trays, there is a common characteristic that distinguishes them from the rest: their unrivalled strength and resistance.

Our Acrylics have internal structures and special materials that keep them stable and free of noise and deformation.

Classically designed, they are easy to install and repair and have a high tolerance to common bathroom cleaning chemicals.

Corner Version

The EVOLUTION acrylic tray is also available in 80 and 90 cm Corner version.

Available Measures

A 70 - 80 - 90 cm | Corner 80 - Corner 90
B da 100 a 200 cm
C Spessore 5,5 cm
D/E 15 cm

The drain is always in the same position as in the picture.

Standard Colors

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